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Tanzanian Roots & Shoots members learning about medical plants

© The Jane Goodall Institute / Shawn Sweeney

Dr. Jane Goodall visits the Lugufu Refugee Camp in Tanzania

© The Jane Goodall Institute / By Shadrack Mesach
  • Jane Goodall Endowment

    A villager sets up her biomass cooker, donated as part of a GMU pilot project.

    Nick Riley
  • Jane Goodall Endowment

    School children present a story about anti-poaching

    © The Jane Goodall Institute / Fernando Turmo
  • Jane Goodall Endowment

    R&S students playing with handmade chimp toys

    Kyung Jun Shin

Jane signing a student’s booklet

Roots & Shoots Malaysia

In front of the Statue of Liberty on the UN Day of Peace flying a giant peace dove with Roots & Shoots students.

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How gifts to our endowment work

JGLF current statutes allow for funding of programs of the Jane Goodall Institute including Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots (our main focus) as well as community-centered programs that address the interplay between environmental health and poverty alleviation, sustainable livelihoods and human health issues and promote programs that focus on improving access to potable water, women’s reproductive health and providing family planning information (not a focus at this time).

The JGLF permanent endowment is invested “in perpetuity”; that is, the principal amount, or corpus, remains invested, while a portion of the investment income is used to support the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation mission, as outlined in its statutes.


How JGLF Funds Are Invested and Managed

JGLF seeks to double its impact through its direct actions and by deploying its capital in a way that is beneficial for our planet and its living beings.

All funds are managed in a way which is consistent with JGLF’s beliefs and mission. The JGLF sustainable and responsible (SRI) investment policy requires asset managers to combine sector exclusions (e.g. fossil fuels) with the explicit inclusion of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into traditional financial analysis.

JGLF endowment funds are professionally invested in a diversified investment portfolio designed to maximize donor impact.  Its investment strategy is overseen by the JGLF board.   JGLF endowed funds are managed by an independent firm, Tiedemann Constantia.

We now accept donations from UK, Spain, and Germany through our Transnational Giving Europe partner network.

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